About us

Founded in 2008 by Justine Paul, Suffolk Market Events now runs a number of top quality farmers' markets, food festivals, foraging events and contemporary craft markets across Suffolk. Justine also works on a consultancy basis for local authorities and Town BIDs on market improvement initiatives. She is a panel member of the AONB Sustainable Development Fund and a judge on the Suffolk Food & Drink Awards.

Suffolk Market Events has won numerous awards since 2012 and was named as one of the UK's Top 100 Small Businesses in 2016. Lavenham Farmers' Market is currently Radio 4's Best Market in Suffolk and Justine was named as Suffolk's Food & Drink Hero in 2015.

Justine Paul commented:

When my local farmers' market in Lavenham was on the brink of closure, with only a small handful of traders and very few customers, I was determined not to see the doors close. I believed then, as I do now, in the importance of shopping locally, of supporting small scale producers and of understanding the provenance of our food.

I have a passion for local food, for supporting local producers and for supporting my community. I have reconnected local people with locally produced food which is right on their doorstep and I am really proud to be the owner of a small, perfectly formed and very successful business.