Behind the scenes at Bagel or Beigel
Poppy and Avi z


Here’s an interesting insight into this unique trader – now making quite a storm at our Ipswich Farmers Market.

How and why did Bagel or Beigel all start?
Bagel or Beigel grew out of necessity, when the covid-19 pandemic hit and I had to change my career direction.  I went back to my roots, my love of baking and with my daughter and son, bagel or beigel was born.
What is a typical week for you? Lots of early mornings, making doughs, hand shaping and baking bagels, curing and slow cooking meat, chopping cucumbers and ingredients for our homemade pickles and horseradish mustard.  Completing wholesale deliveries, door to door deliveries and attending farmers markets.
What are you favourite flavours and how do you find inspiration for them?
Canadian Maple Bacon and Cheese and Jalapeno are my two favourite bagels.  The combinations bring back happy memories.  What Canadian doesn’t love bacon and maple syrup.  The jalapeno and cheese go on a brilliant snack which is chilli and cheese nachos.

Tell us about you find trading at Ipswich Farmers Market
The Ipswich Farmers Market have been a wonderful platform for us to share our love of bagels with a whole new customer base.  We’ve been able to launch not only salt beef filled bagels but also our Rueben and at the vegan market our dirty vegan Rueben – come down and try them out!